Doubt-solving guidelines

Dear Student,

To get the maximum improvement in your test scores, we would like you to do the following steps whenever you plan for a “Doubt-Solving/Test Analysis/Essay Feedback Session” with an instructor.

  1. Review yourself the questions which you have solved/attempted.
  2. Read incorrect questions and their explanations (if provided) thoroughly.
  3. Also, repeat step 2 for correct questions that were a fluke or you were not confident.
  4. Read the explanations (if provided) and make a list of questions that you could not understand.
  5. Compile all your questions and/or doubts and keep them handy.
  6. Share with your mentor the list of compiled questions that you want to discuss with the instructor. (ID and Password for online tests)
  7. Book your slot in advance (48-72 hours), discuss, and note down whatever is taught or instructed by the instructor.
  8. Go through the discussed questions again at home.
  9. Plan your doubt-solving sessions of the topics that have been taught by the instructor.
  10. In the case of essays, write legibly and share the prompt. Incorporate the feedback of the previous essay(s) before the submission of the next essay for review.

We have experienced that a student can understand the reasoning of most of his/her incorrect answers while reviewing the questions or going through the explanations. A few more good practices can be useful to improve scores:

  • Make an error log as there can be a pattern in your errors and the error logs can help understand it.
  • Refer to class notes and books which have the concepts and strategies related to errors. It is advised that you master concepts and improve accuracy first.

It is also advised that you not keep any doubt-solving/test analysis/essay feedback 2-3 days before the actual exam as it is the time to revise what you have learned.

Note: The instructors will discuss the questions which are in our study material and/or from the official test provider.

Wish you happy learning!

Inspirus Education

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